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I am a huge advocate for having a strong personal brand. To me, a personal brand is about more than your website, resume and credentials.  It’s about more than the brand of clothes you wear, the type of car you drive and the way you present yourself on social media.  My definition of a personal brand is how you stand out in your life and your career. It includes both your inner beauty and the way you present yourself publicly.

Now, that’s not to say that I never spend a day relaxing in sweatpants or that I always wear makeup to the grocery store.  I don’t!  After all, I might argue that the most important part of one’s personal brand is AUTHENTICITY!

But, because much of what I do involves being in front of many people, I do spend time considering how to channel my inner beauty and feel good about the way I look on the outside, too.

I recently met with the experts at AesthetiCare MedSpa in Kansas City to try some of their services and I wanted to fill you in on my experience.  AesthetiCare isn’t just a feel-good “spa” where you leave feeling relaxed. It’s an experience that actually produces results you continue to see for days, weeks, and months.

I was initially nervous because I didn’t know what to expect reading about things like the “halo facial” and contemplating Botox for the first time! But, the friendly team assigned to me – Matt, Judy, and Samantha – really felt like my friends, and took time to advise me on products and services that would benefit me. We looked at my skin during each appointment and they explained to me which products were good for my current state and which weren’t.

For the first time in my skin care treatment, including the countless hours I have spent at different beauty bars, makeup counters, and spas around the city, I felt like I wasn’t being sold products just because they had sales quotas to meet. I felt like I was sitting with my best friend who was genuinely interested in helping me look and feel great.

When your inner self and outer self-match it’s a wonderful feeling. The prettier you feel on the outside, the more confidence you have on the inside.  The more confidence you have on the inside, the more that beauty shines through. When you feel great, look great, and act great you have more confidence.  And – more confidence means more push to follow your dreams and achieve your goals!

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