Better KC | New Year Resolutions

This time of year nearly everyone creates New Year’s resolutions.

People want to lose weight. Find a new job. Quit putting off that something they’ve been meaning to do.

My advice? NYR’s are for the birds.

That’s why we see a huge spike in numbers at the gym in January, only for those same folks to quit in February. You have to think bigger than New Year’s resolutions. You have to have a great support system and deliberately change your long term behaviors to accomplish the things you want in life.

Here are my tips I shared on Better Kansas City this morning. If you want more advice or need a coach to help you create change in your life, then follow the blog, sign up for JumpStart (it starts in just a few short days!), join us at T.Loft for our January Workshop or find an accountability partner who can help you stay the course – for the long haul! Happy New Year!

Better KC | Giving Thanks

It always seems like fall is a gorgeous time of year, yet the beginning of a stressful time of year. We enter November with kid’s activities, end of the year deadlines and worrying about upcoming family responsibilities around the holidays. That’s why I created the “November Challenge: Cultivating a Grateful Heart – The 21 Day Challenge.”

One of the many things I’ve learned through the years is that a grateful heart is a joyful heart. If you focus on the blessings you have, you can manifest a happier and healthier life. All of your worries or concerns can be minimized or become of less importance.

Starting this Friday, I am challenging myself to take action and focus on my blessings, rather than the stresses that the end of the year brings. Starting November 7 and throughout the next 21 days, I will focus on one thing that brings me joy, gratefulness and peace. I invite you to join me through the next 21 days by signing up to join in on the challenge! It’s easy, free and fun!

For 21 days, I will send you an idea each day on how to add thankfulness into your day and heart. Because you deserve it friend. Cheers to you!