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When to Hire a Recruiter

When to hire a recruiting firm?

People are your greatest asset. They’re your brand ambassadors and the lifeline to help build your business. According to a recent study by Paycor, labor costs can account for up to 70% of total business costs, which means they’re also your biggest investment, both in terms of finances and time.  

It’s true that headhunters, recruiters and staffing agencies can come at a premium cost difficult to digest for a small or medium size business. That cost is the reason many businesses shy away from seeking help outside of the organization. But remember what I said in the first paragraph, that people are your biggest investment?  That’s the main reason why you should consider spending the extra money. Wondering when is the right time to make that decision? Let’s dive in to why and when the cost to work with a headhunter or professional recruiting firm makes sense.

Why you should partner with a headhunter or recruiting firm.

A headhunter’s job is to be your partner through the entire process and to have your best interest in mind. They share your goal to fill the position quickly, and with the most qualified candidate. A headhunter doesn’t want to re-fill the position down the road and most (good) headhunters pride themselves on never having to do so.

Headhunters can source passive candidates in addition to active job seekers. This is an important one!  It’s common for companies to post a job, then wait for candidate resumes to trickle in. However, a good headhunter will understand your business, your company culture and the nonverbal idiosyncrasies that make your organization tick. Powered with that information, the headhunter can proactively work through their internal candidate database and call on prospects employed at other companies who may not be actively looking, but who may be a great fit for your company. Their proactive vs. reactive approach can make all the difference.

Headhunters know how to sell the position to potential candidates. While you know all of the best reasons to work for your firm, it can be difficult to clearly communicate all the things that make your company great to a potential candidate.  In this economy, every selling point matters! A headhunter knows how to work with a candidate to sell them on your company.

A headhunter is trained to assess candidates. I vividly remember one particular search I was conducting. The client loved a specific candidate who interviewed very well and seemed to check all the boxes, but something in my gut said I needed to dig deeper. After doing more research and asking more questions, I found the missing links that indicated this candidate wasn’t the right fit. Had I allowed the client to move forward, I believe we’d have needed to replace this person shortly thereafter.  

When should you make the decision to outsource the recruitment process?

Just like an engineer has studied how to build bridges, an accountant knows how to assess financial documents, or a doctor knows how to provide healthcare, a headhunter knows the fastest, best way to find your ideal candidates.

If you are questioning whether or not to partner with a headhunter, ask yourself:

  • Could my time be better spent building my business?
  • Is my time limited right now?
  • Does my office manager or HR person already have a full plate?
  • Has anyone in my office been formally trained on recruiting a great team member?
  • Have I already tried to perform the search without finding the ideal candidate?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, finding a trusted, qualified headhunter to assist you is the best answer! Time is money and your people are your most valuable resources!  A recruiter can help make your life easier by bringing you qualified, sourced candidates who are more likely to be a great fit within your organization. If funding the expense of a headhunter still has you worried, remember that if the recruiter does his or her job well, a new employee should be able to hit the ground running and start making (or saving) you money.

Here’s to building world class teams and organizations. I hope these tips help as you are looking for great talent to add to your team in 2019. If you are looking for additional consulting, reach out to us! www.ShannonMcKain.com

Shannon is a motivational keynote speaker and business consultant based in Dallas, TX. She has worked in almost all 50 states with audiences ranging from corporate executives to student leaders.

Top Tips for Recruiting Top Talent

It’s that time of year!  Spring has sprung, graduates have graduated, and businesses are kicking it into high gear.

Each year at this time, I see an uptick in consulting and recruiting questions directed my way. However, this year is particularly different with unemployment being the lowest since 1969. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics on June 2, 2019, unemployment is still sitting at a record low of 3.6%.

Trying to recruit top talent in this economy is going to require a strategic, multi-pronged and thoughtful approach. Here are my top six tips for employers to recruit the best talent in today’s candidate-friendly climate.  

  1. Understand exactly what you need in your next hire.

The more detailed and organized you are about hiring your next employee, the better your chances are in finding that person. The days of posting a generic job description and sitting back receiving resumes are over. Today, employers need to be more thoughtful about identifying traits and qualities new hires should possess to make their team the best. Do you need someone with strong analytical skills? A big picture thinker? A peacemaker? Someone with very specific industry experience? Once you have identified those details, you can be more strategic about finding that person. Only after honing in on very specific things needed for a job, was I able to put together a precise approach to finding that person.

  • Have a bigger budget and longer pipelines to find your next employee.

Need to fill a role ASAP? It’s probably going to take you twice as long to get that position filled because there aren’t as many candidates in this type of economy.

Additionally, it’s wise to forecast time and money towards all upcoming positions you may need to fill in the foreseeable future. I highly recommend considering all employee needs between now and end of 2019, then, think of ways to keep great candidates close to your company. This could mean engaging with a recruiter or consultant to provide frequent guidance, expanding your job board postings budget, and/or offering a referral/recruitment plan to your current employees. 

  • Make sure your company brand is clear and concise across all platforms.

In a tight candidate economy, it’s important to make sure your brand stands out. Clarity and consistency are paramount in making that happen. It still seems to ring true that individuals, brands and businesses only have approximately 7 seconds to make a strong first impression. If your branding isn’t clear or consistent, you miss the opportunity to stand out to employees who are looking.

Take a quick audit of your social media platforms, company website and job postings. Have you used the same logo on each page? Have you used the same color palette in every post? Are you clear in communicating who you are and what you do? Hiring a brand consultant or strategist to help you review those details may be worth the money.  

  • Educate your current employees on how to be a brand ambassador or influencer.

Influencer marketing is all the rage right now and you can utilize the same tools with your current employees. Award bonuses and incentives to employees who create brandable content that helps promote the company.  

  • Video content is important to an overall recruitment strategy in 2019.

According to a February 2019 White Paper by technology giant Cisco, video content will increase to 85% of all IP traffic by 2022.

Video can elevate your social media channels and company career pages. Highlight your office space, clientele, or unique factors of your company and employees. The more information you share in short or long form video, the more people will know about your brand.

  • Manage expectations from the very beginning of the recruitment cycle.

One of the most important things you can do for a new employee is to offer authenticity from the first impression. Talking about the open position and company in a way that is positive and enthusiastic communicates a tone for the relationship that is far different than if you use general terms, are unorganized or unclear about what your company has to offer the new hire.  

Managing and setting the tone for expectations can affect the way a candidate interacts with you and ultimately how successful the working relationship can be!

I hope these tips help as you are looking for great talent to add to your team in 2019. If you are looking for additional consulting, reach out to us! www.ShannonMcKain.com

Shannon is a motivational keynote speaker and business consultant based in Dallas, TX. She has worked in almost all 50 states with audiences ranging from corporate executives to student leaders.