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The MR340: Competing in the World’s Longest Nonstop River Race

Competing in my first MR340 seems daunting — that’s because it is. But coming to terms with pushing past your limitations is part of the journey.

Loneliness is the Latest Epidemic

Loneliness is the Latest Epidemic

This post addresses prevalent issues of loneliness and how it impacts our social life, workplace culture and all round performance.

Workplace Culture in 2023

Workplace Culture Issues in 2023

Shannon recently had an interview with Radio Host David Rancken from KRLD News Radio 1080 and the topic for discussion was Workplace Culture.

Are You Ready For Women in Construction Week?

Are You Ready for Women in Construction Week?

Find out why you should be involved with supporting women in the construction industry

Background & Motivation for Supporting Inclusion in the Construction Industry

The construction industry has been historically male-dominated. However, recent years have seen a shift toward inclusion, with more women and people of color entering the field. Inclusion leads to better outcomes for projects in the construction industry, which is a good thing for the industry. The construction industry has long been a male-dominated field. But […]

The Great Resignation

Recently Radio Host David Rancken from KRLD NewsRadio 1080 in Dallas contacted me about doing an interview on The Great Resignation. His questions and my answers follow. David Rancken: Hey, Shannon. First off, we have to define The Great Resignation. That name has been getting thrown around a lot lately. What is it? Shannon McKain: […]

Fake Job Posts: Have You been Hacked

Fake Job Posts: Have You Been Hacked?

Employers, have you ever used a job board to recruit top talent? If so, keep reading! You might not be aware that cybercriminals are scamming companies and job seekers via job boards. These nefarious individuals are savvy in their approach, creating vulnerabilities from several angles. I’ve put together some safety tips and tricks for employers […]

What Is Your Mountain?

In competition, how do you know who has the upper hand? Does it depend on size or skill level, or maybe strategy? Perhaps it’s something else. Recently, I faced off against a 14,000 ft. mountain alone and discovered where the upper hand truly lies. Preparing to climb a 14,000 ft. Mountain A few years ago, […]

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Ten Years Speaking Business

This past December, I was snowed in at my sister’s house in Kansas City writing out my goals and projections for 2021. I had just finished my last virtual keynote of 2020 (from her basement) and was excited to end the year strong when I realize

Drumroll please…….

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21-Day Thankful Challenge

The holidays are upon us, the store sales have begun and many of us are quickly trying to cross off items on our “things to accomplish this year” list.  Although 2020 hasn’t been what any of us expected, there are still things for which we can be thankful, so I’m kicking off my 21-Day Thankful Challenge TODAY!

Join me on CBS Portland as I talk about having a thankful heart over the next 21 days.