Building your Personal Brand for 2016

No matter your age or your occupation – chances are good that you’re being hit from all angles with messages from several mediums.  Social media helps us stay in touch with our audiences – but it can also hurt our personal brand if we’re not sure how to communicate who we are and what we do!

How can you stand out and get the competitive advantage in 2016? This month on CBS – KCTV 5 – Better KC, I share a few tips to help strengthen your personal brand.

– Become the go-to resource in your area of expertise.

– Make sure your brand is consistent. Do what you say you’re going to do.  Stand for what you share with others.   

– Make sure your brand is recognizable. 

– Pick a social media platform and go all-in.

– #Hashtag it.  Play around with hashtags. Understand what you stand for and use that to your advantage to crowd-source.

Today’s challenge:  Create a personal #hashtag.  Share it with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag me! I want to know what you stand for! 

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