Why You Should Use SnapChat

Do You Snap?

SnapChat isn’t just for your tweens anymore. The Wall Street Journal, ESPN and President Obama Snapchat, and you should too!

Snapchat has evolved and, it’s continually updating features and adding users, making it the fastest growing social media app across all demographics today.

Gaining Popularity

  1. Disruptive technology.

Disrupters are popping up in every industry. Look at what Uber did to the taxi industry. Or what Trump is doing to politics. Like ‘em or hate ‘em, disrupters create curiosity and the people and brands behind them often go viral.

  1. Faster results.

Our attention spans are changing. As advertisers compete for our attention, we crave small bits of content at fast speeds. If you have 5 minutes to click on the CNN app, you can get the content you are looking for quickly.

People of all ages are using Snapchat, but data shows its core user group is 13-25 year olds. If that’s your audience, Snapchat may get you in front of them faster.

  1. Highlight reels.

Most people and brands we follow on other social media sites only post “highlights” of their lives. Instagram made it popular to only post one really “attractive” photo to showcase your event the night before. Facebook now curates the content they think you want to see.

Snapchat is attractive because it’s real time updates. You can’t upload a photo from two weeks ago that you processed through photoshop – it has to be right that moment. With this, we are getting back to real life, and turning off the highlight reels.

  1. It’s easy.

The app is user friendly and provides fun for all ages. Open the app, take a photo and send to your followers. If you want to spice up your videos and images, get creative by using their geo-filters and creative

See for yourself!

The 88th Annual Academy Awards debuted its web player just before the event which allowed users to get a behind-the-scenes look at the Oscars. The Oscars 2016 Snapchat Official Video.

Individuals and charities are purchasing filters that allow them to crowdsource photos from their personal event.

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